Inspiration and current must-haves. She is not only co-founder of 2nd home, but also a trend expert and trendsetter with a deep feeling for shapes, colors, spaces and interior design. Let's look together through the eyes of Cloudy Zakrocki at an exclusive selection of design classics, trends and rarities in furniture and decoration.

Credit: Cloudy Z

  • Stainless steel sugar bowl and tray brutalist style vintage

    Chrome is THE trend at the moment and tbh: I'm head over heels in love. Looks super cool, feels cool. We like it! Chrome also proves that you can actually put interior design items together perfectly, even if they are vintage, because...

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  • Coffee Maker ManHAttan by Goffredo Reggiani for VEV Vigano, 1970s

    … check out this perfect coffee maker to match this sugar bowl?

    And how could you not conquer the world by starting your day with freshly brewed coffee from this 70s superstar?


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  • 6 stainless steel espresso cups Spring Switzerland metal coffee cups 80s silver

    The cool, metallic aesthetic of chrome seamlessly integrates into any style, while simultaneously making a strong, modern statement. It can be combined with almost any color palette and it adds a touch of sophistication and shine to any room.

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  • Vase Josef Hospodka Glass Blue Yellow Amber SommersoMid Century Vintage

    You can never have too many Murano vases at home, they never go out of style and are so unique. I also use them as Palo Santo holders - highly recommended!

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  • Steltman-style Solid Pine Chair Vintage

    Is it a chair? Is it an art object? Nobody knows. But what I do know is that I'm not the only person obsessed with chairs. It's just the easiest way to add the wow factor to any room. And what a massive WOW this one is!

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  • USM chest of drawers in matt silver

    Iconic of classic design, but unique: We all love our USM's, but how epic is this version in matte silver? A must have!

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  • Shogun Floor Lamp by Mario Botta for Artemide, 1980s

    Interior design should be fun - and this lamp definitely is. I love mixing and matching the decor of a room so that it catches people's eyes and makes them ask questions.

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  • Black Mac Gee Wall Unit by Philippe Starck for Baleri Italia, 1980s

    Is a room ever complete without books? I don't think so! These wall shelves will help store all your favorite books and knick-knacks while keeping everything light and airy.

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  • Italian Mid-Century-Modern Modular Sofa in Brown Checkered, 1970s Set of 6 Upholstery Vintage

    I'm crazy about the 70s and this cozy sofa proves that this decade knew the perfect balance of coziness and style. Bonus points because chocolate brown corduroy is just stylish to the max and so on trend right now!

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  • Skipper M1 table by Angelo Mangiarotti

    my fav thing to do is hosting! Totally underestimated but not only smart but also so incredibly stylish: Round dining tables! Let me correct myself: Round marble tables my Mangiarotti. An interior dream come true.

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  • Eames La Fonda Side Chair by Vitra in Seafoam

    I have a sweet spot for Eames chairs, even more so since I visited the so-called Eames house aka the former private house of Ray and Charles Eames in Los Angeles – and since I discovered those La Fonda chairs would fit perfectly to my desired Mangiarotti table.

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  • Welcome to a unique journey through Cloudy Zakrocki's curated collection at 2nd home. A true jack of all trades and co-founder of 2nd home, Cloudy combines her diverse talents as an entrepreneur, interior designer and trendsetter to bring you an exclusive selection of furniture and decorations. Her collection includes iconic design classics, modern trends and rare vintage treasures that will enchant any room.

    Shop the Look - Cloudy's Curation

    Cloudy Zakrocki, known for her deep sense of shapes, colors and interior design, offers a hand-picked selection of design classics and current must-haves. Let's look at these exquisite pieces together through her eyes.

  • Chrome and metal decoration

    Chrome and metal are the trends of the moment. Cloudy shows us how cool and versatile these materials can be in interior design. They give every room a modern yet elegant look.

    Real interior collector's items

    Murano vases , Steltman-style chairs and USM dressers are just some of the unique collectibles in this collection. These pieces are timeless and add a touch of history and character to any room.

    Unique design classics

    From the Shogun Floor Lamp by Mario Botta to the Eames La Fonda Side Chair by Vitra , these design classics are not only functional, but also true works of art. They bring style and sophistication to any home.