The Hipstorical Revolution

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Hipstoric home

In a world that is moving ever faster and in which the new often only lasts a fleeting moment , we long for stability and meaning. We at 2nd home have understood this longing and are bringing the hipstoric movement straight to your home - a homage to what has always been there, coupled with the pulse of modernity.

The year 2023 has heralded a renaissance of the permanent. Stories come to new life in our homes, told through the patina of vintage furniture and the loving imperfect of upcycling. Our community is rediscovering the enduring charm of vintage decoration and, in the harmonious fusion of ancient and modern, finds a form of expression that is as unique as their lives themselves.

There's a story in every hand-picked piece in our shop, ready to begin a new chapter in your home. From artfully crafted heirlooms to contemporary designs that bridge eras, we show that second hand furniture is more than just relics of the past; they are today's trendsetters.

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At 2nd home we are proud to lead this trend and offer you a range that is as unique and diverse as the stories that each piece of furniture brings with it. Because the fusion of old and new has never been more chic and meaningful than now.

Are you ready to add a bit of eternity and style to your home with our treasures? Immerse yourself in the world of hipstoric living - where every corner tells a story and every piece of furniture is more than just an object.

Welcome home, welcome to 2nd home .

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