Q&A's for Buyers

How does 2nd home work?

2nd home is a digital marketplace for buying and selling high-quality and contemporary furniture and decorative objects. This includes design classics, second hand products, vintage products, unique pieces and rarities. Our product categories include furniture, lighting, outdoor products, as well as home textiles and accessories.

2nd home only acts as an intermediary and not as the owner of the products and only connects buyers with sellers. The shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

Marketplace means that you can both buy and sell products. On our platform you can list your products both as a private seller and as a commercial dealer. For private sellers, the uploaded products go through our in-house curation process: We go through each product individually and check whether it fits our product portfolio. If so, your product will be listed on the platform and available for purchase within 72 hours. If not, you will receive an email from us.

How can I purchase an item from 2nd home?

You have found a favorite piece at 2nd home and would like to buy it? Nothing easier than that:

Click on the "buy"-button on the product page and you will be redirected directly to our shopping cart. There you can add more products and adjust the quantity of your selection.

In the next steps you enter your shipping address, accept the terms and conditions and complete the order using your preferred payment method.

As soon as you as a buyer place an order with 2nd home , you will receive a confirmation email with shipping information. The product will then be sent as quickly as possible to the delivery address you provided.

As a buyer, you can buy a product directly via our platform. 2nd home only acts as an intermediary and not as the owner of the products and only connects buyers with sellers

Can I request additional information about a product and get in touch with sellers?

On each product page at 2nd home you will find a detailed description of the item, including dimensions, material, style, color, condition and other important features. If you need further information, simply write us an email to support@2nd-home.io and don't forget to include the item number.

It is currently not possible to view the item at the pickup location before purchasing.

How do the sales prices on 2nd home come about?

The sales prices are set by the sellers themselves.

What payment methods are there?

There are various payment methods available to you at 2nd home , including

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, UnionPay, Shop pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna Sofort, Klarna purchase on account/Buy now pay later, Klarna installment purchase, Amazon pay & PayPal. You can redeem vouchers or voucher codes during the payment process. Please note, however, that redeeming vouchers when paying with PayPal is unfortunately not yet possible for technical reasons.

Can I cancel an order?

At 2nd home you can cancel your order within 24 hours or at the latest before shipping if you have ordered the wrong product or changed your mind. Simply send a message to support@2nd-home.io. However, please note that we cannot accept cancellations for orders that have already been shipped or after 24 hours.

How is my customer data protected?

At 2nd home , browsing, buying and selling is 100% safe. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect all personal information. This means the data is encrypted and protected from access by third parties. You can find all further information about this under data protection.

How long does delivery take?

After completing the payment process at 2nd home, you will receive an email with the shipping details and a tracking code. Alternatively, the shipping company will contact you a few days before delivery to arrange the exact delivery date.

Sale by a private seller:
Smaller items must be dispatched by private sellers within 5 working days. For larger products, shipping time is between 10 days and 3 weeks after the sellers hand over the item to the shipping company.

Sales by commercial dealers:
The average delivery time here is around 2 weeks, but depending on the retailer's location it can take between 3 days and 6 weeks.

How are products transported?

Depending on size, weight and condition, purchased items are transported at 2nd home either by regular postal delivery/DHL or by a freight forwarder.

How does self-collection work?

At 2nd home we indicate on the product page if sellers: allow for self-collection. Based on the displayed zip code of the seller in you can decide whether this option is suitable for you.

After purchasing, you will receive an email with the seller's contact details to arrange a pickup appointment. Please contact the seller within 3 days of receiving the email to avoid delays.

Can I return or complain about a purchased item?

In the interests of sustainability, we naturally want to minimize returns. If you are still not satisfied with a product you have purchased, you have the right to return it - provided you bought it from a commercial dealer. You can find out whether a seller is a private or commercial dealer on the product page under “Shipping & Returns”. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time: simply write a message to support@2nd-home.io , use the chat function on our website or contact us via +49 151 68537662.

You can find all information about returns and complaints here.

What happens if my item was damaged during delivery or I received the wrong item?

Of course, this should never happen under any circumstances and we are very sorry if the delivery did not reach you in perfect condition. It is important that you check the goods immediately upon receipt.

You can find all further information about damage or incorrect delivery here.

Will my delivery be bundled if I order multiple items?

With 2nd home, the objects are usually not shipped together. Since they come from different sellers, they are delivered at different times and in different deliveries.

How can I track the status of my shipment?

After purchasing a product, you will receive an email from 2nd home with all shipping information and tracking details. If you have any further questions, please contact support@2nd-home.io.

Can I arrange a preferred delivery date for my order?

Unfortunately, at 2nd home it is not possible to arrange an individual delivery date or to postpone delivery if your order is sent as a package.

For deliveries by a shipping company, you will usually be contacted by telephone approximately 2 to 3 days before delivery so that you can arrange the desired delivery period directly with the shipping company. However, we have no influence on the exact delivery time.

If you would like to find out the status of your delivery in advance, please send us an email to support@2nd-home.io and include the order number. We would be happy to give you information.

Do you also ship outside of Germany?

At 2nd home we ship worldwide. The shipping costs vary due to the product dimensions and weight as well as the location of the item and the delivery address. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at support@2nd-home.io and we will be happy to help you with further information.