Better Friday

A Contribution to Sustainable Living

In a time when SALES EVENTS dominate commerce, tempting many to make impulsive purchases, we want to share a different perspective: At 2nd home , we encourage you to shop consciously and sustainably: by only shopping products second hand. WHY?

  • Because we believe in sustainable consumption, which not only protects our environment but also promotes a more mindful use of resources. Below are some reasons why we advocate for sustainable vintage interior and are steering clear of Singles Day, CyberWeek, Black Friday, November Sales, Autumn Sales...

    Instead of relying on short-term discounts on Black Friday, we encourage you to dive into the world of vintage treasures. Your purchase at 2nd home not only supports sustainable consumption but also preserves unique pieces with a rich history.


    Every piece of vintage interior you find with us has a story to tell. By reintroducing used items into the cycle, we reduce the need to manufacture new products — a contribution to environmental conservation.


    Vintage interior tells stories and adds personality to your home. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, setting it apart from the mass-produced items often spotlighted on Black Friday.


    Vintage furniture and accessories are often sturdier and more durable than their modern counterparts. By purchasing used items, you invest in quality and decrease the demand for frequent replacements.


    Many vintage pieces were crafted with attention to detail and artisanal skill, a level of quality often missing in mass production.


    Buying vintage interior supports a sustainable economy and contributes to slowing down the consumption cycle. We believe that conscious consumption plays a crucial role in the future of our planet.