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We like to think of ourselves as treasure hunters, in constant pursuit of beauty, of things that are forgotten by time and that are simply waiting to be brought back to their original splendour. We buy only what we like and what we feel we must have. Our mission is to provide our clients with pieces that stand out, have original design and have a great story to tell. From antique church panels with beautifully timeworn patinas to beaten-to-hell country tables and heavy industrial lighting. Our eclectic taste for furniture and decoration includes pieces from the XVIII century to contemporary. These ideas are the basis of Le Icone, a décor and design company that has its roots in Italy, in the heart of Puglia. Our items are of different kinds, eras, materials and styles and that is why they are ideal to furnish any space from country houses to modern and minimal apartments. We are Aleksandra and Nicolò and we are Le Icone.

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Le Icone di Nicolo Avellino
Via Alberotanza 18

70125, Bari (Italia)

Partita Iva/Codice Fiscale: 08088100725

Tel: +39 3926796315
Email: info@leicone.it


Once an item is purchased, you have 14 days to inform us that you would like to return it and be fully refunded or change it for something more suitable for you. In order to return the item, we need an email that states your will to do so. In order to return or replace the item, it has to be given to us in the same exact conditions as they were bought. The item can be return directly to our showroom in Via Piave 14, Cisternino, Italy. It can also be returned by courier but the costs are on the customer.

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